Humor and Faith

Strong infrastructure and resources

​Important local education, jobs, training programs and economic opportunities

Good, strong working relationships

Maintain good health

Community Caring, trust and respect

Maintain rural status and accessibility 

Beautiful, healthy, clean environment

Traditional way of life while encouraging progress

Pride in our culture, heritage, history and language

Protect subsistence

Community Vision

We are a small, healthy rural community that is a safe place to live where our children enjoy growing learning and want to stay. We enjoy the peace and challenges of our beautiful, clean environment,while maintaining a subsistence lifestyle, balanced with the modern chaining worlds. We take pride in our history and cultures, sound economic infrastructures, resources and education. We are a community where families and friendships flourish through caring, trust, and mutual respect.

Community Values

Welcome to the

Native Village of Port Lion's Website

Our village is located in Settlers Cove near the mouth of Kizhuyak Bay on the forth coast of Kodiak Island at approximately 57 degrees, 52 minutes both; 157 degrees 53 minutes west. We are located approximately 19 air miles west of Kodiak and 349 air miles southwest of Anchorage. Port Lions is contained within the boundaries of Koniag Regional Corporation and Kodiak Island Borough. We are accessible by air and water; there are no roads connecting the village with any other village in the area. The City owned docking facilities enable residents to use fishing boats and other types of vessels for transportation. The Alaska Marine Highway Ferry Tustumena, Provides Servies to the village twice a week, a 2,600-foot gravel airstrip is located approximately 1.5 miles north of the village. Seaplanes can land on the sheltered waters of Settlers Cove, in front of the main town site. 

the climate of Kodiak archipelago is dominated by a strong marine influence. Temperatures remain with in a range of 20 to 60 degrees. Annual precipitation is 54 inches, with 75 inches of snowfall. the prevailing wind directing is northeasterly; gust of over 50 knots have been recorded in every month of the year but occur most frequently in the winter months. In the winter there is alternative freezing weather and precipitation, with severe storms commonly occurring from December through February. Summers are characterized by moderate precipitation, frequent cloud cover, occasional fog, and cool to warm temperatures.  

The Native Village of Port Lions (NVOPL), is a federally recognized Tribe, and was Established in August, 1978 with a base roll of 225 members. Membership has grown steadily and is currently over 300. The Port Lions Traditional Tribal Council (PLTTC) is the Taditional governing body of the village. Services Provided for the Tribal Members and our community includes Heal, Education/Pre-School, Child Protection, Alutiiq Dance, Traditional Arts-n-Crafts, Welfare Assistance, Economic Development, Environmental Protection, Transportation, Family Activities and Recreation, Senior Citizens Meals, Fuel Services, Scholarships, and Burial Assistance.